LA Area Businesses and Work Source Centers Partner With Bridges to Contract Opportunities

 brdge to contract

Contract Opportunities, an industry leader in contract management training, today announced expansion of their collaboration with Chicana Work Source Center, and the Los Angeles Business Source Center, West Valley Region operated by VEDC, and plan business development workshops to increase the way small businesses access contract opportunities and provide job opportunities for local residents.

The next in its series of BRIDGES to Contract Opportunities Resources Workshops, scheduled for September 18th 2013, is focused on Business Teaming, and will be held from 9 am to 1 pm, at the City of Los Angeles BusinessSource Center, West Valley location, 18645 Sherman Way, Suite 114, Reseda, CA. Click Here To Register. The Workshop is free. Seating is limited so you will want to register early.

“We are proud to be a part of this partnership bringing much needed training and an introduction to underutilized business resources in Los Angeles,” stated Keith Rogers, Senior Business Development Officer, Los Angeles BusinessSource Center, and West Valley Region. “Business owners will receive valuable information and the ability to access capital funding for their business through VEDC loan programs.  The current environment of shrinking budgets and acquisition resources small business, in particular, can benefit from improved and expanded ways in which to decrease barriers to contract and job opportunities in our communities.”

The Business Teaming Resources Workshop will be lead by professionals who are experienced in the art of partnering. Teaming can strengthen and enhance small business capabilities to utilize a network of critical resources, and strengthen an advantage for contracting opportunities they might otherwise be unable to fulfill.

In addition to receiving technical business know-how, capital access, contract and other business critical resources, this BRIDGES workshop will connect businesses with the available resources that can lead to successful teaming relationships, real contracts and real jobs.

The BusinessSource and WorkSource Networks create jobs and identify means to help businesses. They provide affordable business and job assistance services, direct financial assistance, and entrepreneurial training to individuals and businesses in Los Angeles

We are excited about our partnership with the Los Angeles BusinessSource Center, West Valley and WorkSource Network and their commitment to small business and jobs, said BRIDGES CEO Terrence Payne. As CSAC, and VEDC continue their phenomenal work in our communities, BRIDGES and its business participants and graduates will work hand-in-hand to build and develop strong connections between businesses, the creation of jobs, and the building of our communities.

FOUNDED IN 2012, BRIDGES is a collaborative training, procurement matching, access to capital and support partnership program designed to bring small, minority, women and veteran-owned businesses into the mainstream of contracting. It provides the technical business skills and resources otherwise unavailable and difficult to access. BRIDGES training is focused in the construction industry; provides identified contract opportunities and develops capacity building strengths to respond to contract requirements, create jobs and rebuilds our communities.

The WorkSource and BusinessSource collaboration with TMM/BRIDGES provides additional access to job opportunities because businesses that successfully complete the training and receive contract opportunities will effectively increase their capability to create jobs, and will have the ability to hire WorkSource trained workers.
BRIDGES training can literally bring increased capacity to the Work Source / Business Source Network.

For more information on BRIDGES to Contract Opportunities Training or upcoming Resources Workshops, please visit

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