Veteran Business Owners needed for upcoming Inc. Magazine business article on Military Experience and Business Leadership?

Attention Veteran Owned Business Members and Visitors:

Inc. Magazine is looking for successful business owners who are prior military for a potential national article:

“How has your military experience influenced your business leadership style?”

Veteran Owned Business was recently contacted by a writer for Inc. Magazine who is working on an article about: “…how military experience influences the leadership styles of veteran business owners?”  In short, VOB has been asked to reach out to our members to find veteran owned businesses (with a minimum of 10 employees) to answer two (2) survey questions for possible inclusion in this–and future–business article(s).

If you are a military veteran (active duty and/or reserves works too), run a successful business and have at least 10 employees, please email us your answers to the following questions.  Also, please include your contact information in case we and/or the writer needs to get back in touch with you.

  1. Do you have any specific stories or examples that illustrate how the discipline instilled in you during your military career has translated into your career as the leader of a business?

  2. As you developed your own leadership style and practices, did you model yourself after any particular military leader: someone you served under or with, or whom you just know a great deal about? If so, who is that person (or people)?

Because of the demographics of the publication (and because the subject is “leadership styles”), Inc. Magazine is stipulating  the response come from a business owner who a) was/is in the military b) is still in business and c) has a minimum of 10 employees.

Please email your responses to: [email protected]. Don’t forget to include your contact information including: name, business name, phone number, and email address.

We are keeping our fingers crossed we get a good response to this media request in order to help a few of our members get national exposure!

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