Education and Training Directory Added to the Veteran Owned Business Directory is proud to announce the addition of a new section in the Veteran Owned Business Directory called Education and Training (under the main category of “Business Services“).  Here you will find a small, but growing list of  Education and Training companies in the United States owned by veterans, active duty military, reservists and service disabled veterans.

Currently, there are veteran-owned Education and Training schools listed that offer training related to:

If you are the owner and/or manager of a company that specializes in education and training services and your company or school is owned by a current or past member of the United States armed forces, please be sure to visit the sign up page to get your business’ free listing.

The objective of the Directory is to offer a growing list of veteran-owned, active duty military, reservist and service disabled veteran owned businesses that offer education and training services to individuals as well as businesses throughout the United States.

Thank You,

Project Services Department

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