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“Earn the Day” Shooter’s Symposium

December 16, 2023 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm EST


A full day shooting course and fundraiser meant to bring the highest quality of instruction while also honoring SWAT Deputy Mike Milmerstadt

About this event


Symposium Outline: This event will offer four separate shooting courses for you to choose from. Each participant can only select one of the four shooting courses for the day. Each course will be taught by an instructor with an incredible amount of operational and teaching experience. See below for each course description, along with the instructor biography and required gear.


Symposium Giveaways: There will be multiple vendors attending this symposium. There will be high valued items to be raffled off during lunch. LUNCH IS PROVIDED. All students get one free raffle ticket as part of their entry fee. Additional raffle tickets may be purchased on site prior to the raffle.

Waiver: Each Participant must sign a waiver upon check in

Ammo: All required ammunition must be provided by the individual student.

Fundraiser: All event proceeds will go to support the family of SWAT Deputy Mike Milmerstadt, who passed away on March 23, 2023. Mike was highly dedicated to training, the study of martial arts, kickboxing and Jiu Jitsu. His daily mantra was to “Earn the Day” and he did so by living a life of hard work, commitment, and discipline. He continues to inspire us every day.

To learn more about SWAT Deputy Mike Milermstadt’s story, please visit the following links:



Course 1: Long Range Engagements

Instructor: Brent Tucker

Description: Course will cover ballistics, shooting fundamentals, wind calls and rapid engagements at distance.

Required Gear/Ammo: 200 rounds of quality match ammunition / a properly mounted magnified optic (scope level highly recommended) / A precision rifle (bolt or semi-automatic) of at least 5.56/.223 caliber equipped with a sling and a bipod / Medium-sized backpack filled with a sufficient amount of clothing etc. to serve as a shooting support / note-taking material / rifle cleaning equipment / shooting mat and rear support bag / water, food, clothing, sunscreen, etc. / eye and ear pro / RECOMMENDED – Laser range finder / shooting tripod / spotting scope or binoculars / wind meter


Course 2: ECQC Skill Builder

Instructor: Ruben Alvarez

Description: ECQC skill builder is a course developed under the blessing of ECQC creator Craig Douglas. This class is meant to develop the patron in grappling skills that involve force on force weapons. This class is meant to show the effectiveness of techniques while being pressure tested. The class will have live fire in the beginning showing the proper way to develop a draw and firing your weapon in a very close environment / engagement. After live fire portion, the patron will be guided in a series of training modalities which will develop their grappling skills. The patrons will be testing those new found skills in a series of evolutions.

Required Gear/Ammo:

Pistol / Holster (no serpa style) / Protective eyes / Protective ears / Thick long sleeve shirt or hoodie/jacket / Protective groin equipment (optional but highly recommended) / 250 rounds of ammunition.

Course 3: Concealed Carry Pistol

Instructor: Taylor Jolly

Description: This course covers the knowledge, skills, and attitude necessary to carry a concealed pistol for personal defense and low visibility operations. Learn to draw, engage, and properly use your concealed carry pistol in a variety of environments.

Required Gear/Ammo:

Concealable Pistol / Concealable holster for pistol with ability to carry extra magazines / 1000 rounds per student / eye pro and ear pro

Course 4: Rifle to Pistol Fundamentals

Instructor: Sean Bonilla

Description: This course will be focused on building up the shooters proficiency in both rifle and pistol. The following objectives will be covered:

– Rifle/Pistol Fundamentals – Speeding up the shooting process- Transition from rifle to pistol

Required Gear/Ammo:

Rifle / Pistol / Sling / Holster (NO SERPA) / Min 3 mags for each gun / 250 handgun rounds / 300 rifle rounds / Eye / Ear protection / Sunscreen recommended




December 16, 2023
8:00 am - 5:00 pm EST
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Ares Training Facility
35615 North Treasure Island Avenue
Leesburg, FL 34788 United States
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