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Noble Land Essentials : San Angelo, TX

March 13 @ 8:30 am EDT


Noble Land Essentials teaches you to harness the power and potential in your soil for better forage, better livestock, and better returns.

About this event

Noble Land Essentials teaches you to harness the power and potential in your soil for better forage, better livestock, and better returns.

Want to Get More from Your Land? Start Below the Surface

Are you…

  • Spending too much and making too little?
  • Ready to break the high-input cycle?
  • Wanting to leave your land better?

Unlock your ranch’s growth potential with proven techniques for increasing soil fertility, water infiltration and holding capacity. Our specialized training can help you improve your land and make your ranch more productive and profitable.

Noble Land Essentials is a producer-focused program that will help you calculate your current financial context, cut unnecessary expenses and improve profits per acre. We’ll show you how adopting the six principles of soil health can reduce the need for costly inputs like synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. You’ll learn how to measure the impact of your regenerative practices to make data-driven decisions that benefit the ranch from the ground up.


“This is one of the most holistic classes that has provided the tools to actually apply these principles immediately. I would highly suggest it to people who are considering taking a course in regenerative.”

­— JASON MARTIN, previous attendee

It all starts with the soil.

Our regenerative soil health course teaches techniques to restore and rejuvenate your grazing land for more robust forage growth, extended grazing seasons, and less need for supplemental feed. With healthy soil, you’ll be able to:

  • Improve your land and grow more nutritious forage from fertile soil.
  • Build drought resilience and mitigate flooding risk.
  • Improve herd health by grazing livestock on diverse forages.
  • Enhance ranch profitability now and for future generations.
  • Save money on unnecessary expenses and supplemental hay.

What to expect when you join a Noble Land Essentials class:

  • Hands-On In the Field: Engage in practical, hands-on activities that bring the classroom instruction to life.
  • Experienced Facilitators: Our facilitators, with decades of real ranching experience, will guide you through every step.
  • Interactive Discussion: Ask questions and get answers while learning and implementing the skills being taught.
  • Tools to Get Started: You’ll have everything you need to immediately begin making changes on your ranch.

“I feel much more qualified to figure out — within just a few minutes — the things that I want to know. And I feel much more comfortable now doing different types of tests on my own.”

­— LAURA MILLER, previous attendee

Noble Land Essentials includes:

Day 1 • Indoor and Outdoor Activities

  • Soil Health Principles
  • Ecosystems Processes
  • Landscape Evaluation
  • Important Regenerative Concepts
  • Introduction of Grazing Concepts
  • Bookkeeping Supports Regenerative Goals
  • How to Keep Basic Records

Day 2 • Indoor and Outdoor Activities

  • Healthier Soil Equals A Healthier Bottom Line
  • Soil Health Assessments
  • What Are Your Limiting Factors to Increasing Soil Health?
  • Benefits of Tracking Soil Health
  • Collecting Soil Health Data on Your Property

What else is included?

When you’re ready to bring your ranch plans to life, our community of fellow regenerative ranchers and our trusted advisors are here to offer support and coaching services every step of the way. You’ll have access to these exclusive benefits — at no additional cost:

“Go in with a completely open mind and be willing to make changes. You can’t do what you’ve been doing and expect different results. You’ve got to have an open mind.”

­— BRYCE SWOFFORD, previous attendee

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