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Rockin’ with CM: Mental Health and Suicide Prevention for Veterans Fundraiser- Rockwell Compound – Woods Cross Utah

June 25, 2021 @ 5:00 am - 9:00 pm EDT

Rockin' with CM: Mental Health and Suicide Prevention for Veterans Fundraiser- Woods Cross Utah
Rockin’ with Continue Mission is a Dinner/Concert event aimed at raising funds for Continue Mission in order to help us serve Veterans!

About this event

Rockin’ with Continue Mission is a Concert/Dinner event aimed at raising funds for Continue Mission’s Veterans Recreation Program. We are pleased to announce live performances by SABO and the Flat Canyon Band!

Continue Mission (www.continuemission.org) is a non-profit serving Veterans with service-connected physical, mental, and emotional injuries.


Through our Veterans Recreation Program we hold events at no cost to our participants including: Alpine Ski/Ride, Cross Country Ski, Snowshoeing, Fat Tire Biking, Bowling, Pickleball, Cycling, Paddleboarding, Disc Golf, Softball, Forging, River Rafting, Volleyball, Family Events, and more.

In 2020, Continue Mission held 119 events and served 1,724 participants. In a survey given to our Veterans, over 87% reported that participation in Continue Mission events had a positive impact on their mental health. Of those who reported thoughts of suicide, over 85% also reported that participation in Continue Mission events resulted in a decrease in their suicidal ideation.

Troy, better known as SABO, military career started on September 9, 2002, when he was shipped off to basic training in Fort Knox, KY. That was the start of his tedious training as a Tanker in Eco 2-81. He spent almost six months in OSET training. After graduating basic training, his first duty station was in Fort Hood, TX, and was in the ranks for D Co 3-8 CAV. At this point, Troy knew the war was inevitable, so training was elevated during gunnery training. Before deploying, his company was reflagged to (Cougar Company) C CO 2-7 CAV. In April of 2004, Troy found himself on a flight leaving to Iraq to contribute his efforts to the war on terror. The first stop was Kuwait, where classes were held on enemy vehicle identification, cultural awareness, and adjusting to climate changes. Troy’s first combat experience happened days after his company of tanks left Kuwait. His company was ambushed with small arms fire, motor fire, and a couple of IEDs in the front and rear of the convoy. That later became known as the fight in BI-OP in April 2004. Troy had his 21st birthday during that battle. After taking care of business, his company refueled, refits, and continued the convoy towards Taji, Iraq. Once in Taji, it was days before we started regular operations out in sector, which included route security, IED sweeps, Ops, and QRF missions (Battalions Quick Ready Force.) Several months of minor contact, sporadic small arms and RPG fire, and a couple of IEDs later, Troy’s company was called to assist in the Battle of Najaf in June 2004. Troy’s company was the main effort to retake control of Najaf, Iraq. His company took several casualties, but Troy was unharmed. After fighting for nearly two weeks straight, his entire tank endured damage from several RPGs, small arms fire, and grenade damage. Troy was rocked several times but came out with no severe injuries. Three months later, in August of 2004, the Army was so impressed with their company that they were once again called to assist in retaking another city during that battle. After re-writing history for the use of Tanks in the urban city combat in Najaf, Fallujah, Iraq was their next target. The Battle of Fallujah took three to four weeks. While in this battle, it took a toll on Troy and his company. Not only was this a different enemy from Najaf, but his company also took twice the amount of casualties. It was reported we were fighting several militia groups from other countries, which included the Taliban and Chechens. One particular event Troy will always remember was his involvement in a 40ft drop tank rollover. The accident took the life of his friend and roommate SGT. Jonathan Shields. Once the battle was over, Troy’s Company left-back to Taji to continue their operations in May of 2005. Once at home and several months later training for a second deployment Troy (SABO) now begins his new missions out in Baquba, Iraq, from 06′ -07.

The Flat Canyon Band was formulated approximately 9 years ago. It started with lead singer Bill Bown and his wife, Tristina Bown. They brought on Dr. Clint Grover as the base player and later his wife, Dr. Alissa Grover, as the keyboard player. Later on they brought on Gary Winget as the drum kit player and then Ron Segura as the electric guitar player. They have played at several events including Tour of Utah 3 years in a row. They have performed in several garden parties as well as Halloween parties, Valentine events, and at the West Bountiful City and Open houses. They are featured with Woods Cross City performing their Memorial Day celebration 3 years in a row. Lead singer Bill Bown has performed most of his life singing for events including missionary farewells and homecomings. Bill has made a CD that is now for sale and plans on making another CD featuring Christmas and LDS Hymn book songs. He also performs the National Anthem at Rodeo’s including Marysvale 24th of July celebrations. The band plans on doing several music in the park performances this year with COVID permitting. They all have families and children with the older performers having several grandkids that keep them very busy.