Welcomes Microphoto, Inc. would like to welcome Microphoto, Inc. of Roseville, Michigan (Macomb County MI) as our latest Veteran Owned Business Directory Spotlight Sponsor.
Microphoto, Inc. Post Details:

“In business since 1965, Microphoto, Inc. produces experimental, prototype, and low volume production metal parts. Our primary manufacturing process is photochemical machining which produces a burr free, strain free, stress free part in any temper of material from .0005″ to .125″ thick. Average blank tooling costs are $160.00 – $200.00. 24-hr service is available in many cases. We also offer secondary forming, heat treating and plating services. Parts commonly produced at Microphoto Include: * integrated circuit lead frames * aerospace and automotive parts * surgical blade blanks, clamps, connectors * heat shields, covers, shims, clips, heat sinks and gaskets * optical attenuators, choppers and encoder disks * grills, grids, sieves, meshes, masks, wave washers, belleville washers, gaskets * custom jewelry and decorative ornaments * signs, plaques, business cards and nameplates * electrical terminals, contact springs and flat springs Parts can also be manufactured by other disciplines such as laser cutting, stamping, and EDM.”

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