Veteran Owned Business Directory Visitor Statistics Continue To Impress With Outstanding Traffic Numbers’s visitor statistics continue to surpass all expectations.  October 2009 statistics show incredible traffic growth, member sign ups and page views.
October 2009 website statistics:

  • unique site visitors in October 2009 surpass 25,000.
    • Brings total site visitors for 2009 to nearly 250,000.
  • Page views for October 2009 surpassed 280,000
    • Brings total for 2009 to nearly 2 million page views.
    • Average number of pages viewed per visitor equals 11 pages.
  • Average time spent on site still exceeds 5 minutes per visitor.
  • 334 veteran owned business profiles added in October.  Brings total member profiles to nearly 2,500.
  • Total of 17 new spotlight sponsors and enhanced listings added in October, 2009.
  • 14 non profit organizations who help veterans, active duty military and families of veterans and active duty military were added to the Veteran Owned Business Directory in October, 2009.

*To put everything in perspective, has had nearly 5,000,000 web hits so far this year.  Most sites track web hits and not actual visitors or page views.  Hits can relate to the amount of links, images and more on a page.  So, depending on the site, one visitor visiting one page may produce 100s of web hits.
Thank you for helping make the fastest growing, most comprehensive, user-friendly directory of veteran owned, active duty military owned, reservist owned and service disabled veteran owned businesses online!

Thank You,

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