We proudly welcome Operation Troop Appreciation; Committed to Our Courageous: The Deployed Members of the U.S. Armed Forces

VeteranOwnedBusiness.com is proud to welcome Operation Troop Appreciation of  McKeesport, Pennsylvania (Allegheny County PA) to the Veteran Owned Business Directory Nonprofit Section.

Operation Troop Appreciation Details: “Operation Troop Appreciation (OTA) is a Pittsburgh, PA 501(C)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to members of the United States Armed Forces. A 100% volunteer charity, we have helped over 100,000 deployed troops since 2004, maintaining a 98.5% efficiency ratio throughout our history. With little overhead, 98.5 cents of dollar donated goes directly to the troops we serve.

Operation Troop Appreciation‘s Mission:
To build and sustain the morale of deployed troops, enabling them to complete their missions with the assurance that the American public supports and appreciates their selfless service and daily sacrifices.

Operation Troop Appreciation‘s Values:

Operation Troop Appreciation is dedicated to members of our Armed Forces serving and sacrificing for our country. By providing them with “wish list” items that contribute to their morale, we present a united front to our deployed military by supporting them as individuals, for every one of them:

* Memorializes our nation’s past
* Sacrifices to maintain our nation’s culture and freedoms
* Ensures the safety and freedom of our nation’s future generations.”

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