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Fraud Alert!!!!
Radio Sponsorship

Radio Sponsorship of Various Veterans Shows (Hiring Veterans)

Several members have brought to our attention that they have been contacted by RAI – Radio Accounting Service out of Chicago (773 area code) claiming to have a “partnership with VOB” or are working together with “Veteran Owned Business (.com)” to offer “special promotional opportunities” to sponsor various “welcome back veterans” or “help hire veterans” programs now or during the holidays.

THIS CLAIM IS ABSOLUTELY FALSE! We have never spoken with said “business” and would NEVER give them permission to use our name as a way to prey on military veterans in order to line their own pockets!  In fact, we have never given out or sold any member’s information… ever!

Slick sales people talk about sponsoring a local radio station's program about "hiring veterans" or "helping homeless veterans" or "helping active duty military transitioning out" or anything else they think you want to hear to get your hard earned money.

Slick sales people talk about sponsoring a local radio station’s program about “hiring veterans” or “helping homeless veterans” or “helping active duty military transitioning out” or anything else they think you want to hear to get your hard earned money.

We’ve gotten direct confirmation that some slick radio sales business “raichicago .com” “Radio Advertising Inc” “Radio Accounting Service Inc.” out of Chicago (773 area code) is falsely claiming to have a partnership with Veteran Owned Business .com, VOB, Veteran Owned Business Project, etc.  Click here to read complaints online about this company.

THIS CLAIM IS ABSOLUTELY FALSE! Once again: we have NEVER spoken to said business and would NEVER allow a bunch of slick sales people (who will clearly lie to you to make a sale) any authority to use our name to try and trick veterans into buying into their so called veteran sponsorship programs.

We strongly suggest all members take immediate action to cancel anything you’ve done with said business. A sales pitch saying they are working with us makes the foundation of their entire pitch an absolute lie!

One of several emails we’ve received from a VOB member (yes they were able to successfully cancel): “I’m not sure how to get this out but would like to give others a heads up.    www. raichicago. com / Radio Advertising Inc / Radio Accounting Service Inc. has contacted me two years in a row. Last year, I found out the station they were selling adds for did not play in my area. This year they got me with a sports station AM 1230 – I’m thinking Cumberland MD – local station – Great.  I agreed & now I’ve got the paper work and the station is out of Eastern PA over 250 miles away.   I’ve politely requested the add be cancelled today … hope that goes ok (10/14/2014 update: yes they were able to successfully cancel). They run these Hire Vets programs that sound great – I just want others to know to be careful. They don’t send anything in the mail and ask you to decide on the spot while on the phone.”

More details on this radio business’ fraudulent pitch:
They are pitching sponsorship for a program about hiring veterans (or helping homeless veterans, helping transitioning veterans… or anything else to get your hard earned $). Members have told us they hear a pitch over the phone. Paperwork only comes after the ad has run (aka they are on the hook for $xxx). No matter what somebody is trying to sell you, there’s no deal too good that you have to give a verbal commitment over the phone without documentation. Please be very careful. It sounds like this “business” is trying to use veterans to try to line their pockets.

We continue to hear stories about people being charged various fees for said radio ads where their accounts/credit cards are being automatically charged!!!!!! Don’t let this happen to you! Please feel free to contact us if you believe a person/persons/business is trying to sell you something with the false claim to either be associated with or endorsed by the Veteran Owned Business Project. Once again, we never give out or sell any member’s information!

Here’s a list of what our members have told is how they operate:

  1. you get a phone call from a (773) area code (out of Chicago) or a local number stating they were given your business as one that supports veterans.
  2. they mention some radio station in your area (making it sound like they work there even though they mispronounce your town/county/area etc) that is running a program helping veterans find jobs (or homeless veterans or anything they think you want to hear).
  3. They mention something about having a partnership with Veteran Owned Business. (or VOB, Veteran Owned Business Directory, etc.) like they work directly with us (which is an absolute lie).
  4. They throw in a bunch of stuff about “we know you are a big supporter of veterans”.
  5. They get you to listen to a short message “in support of veterans” they say their DJ’s are waiting to share with their audience.  It’s a script where they insert your name and your business’ name.  They may mention your town/city/county/area (once again told they mispronounce it showing they clearly aren’t in your area).
  6. They pitch it to run for a week ($240 plus or minus) or for two weeks ($620 plus or minus).
  7. They tell you there’s a ton of businesses that want that spot to try and get you to give them a verbal commitment over the phone.
  8. Most we’ve heard from don’t hear anything but get a bill or even worse… their credit cards automatically charged.

Please contact VOB if you feel you have been taken in by their lies.

Once again Veteran Owned Business Project ( HAS NOT GIVEN “raichicago .com” “Radio Advertising Inc” “Radio Accounting Service Inc.” out of Chicago (773 area code) any endorsement or authority to contact our members.  Any deal you do with them if they mentioned our name is based on a lie and should be handled accordingly!

**** update ****
Here’s some things we suggest you do if you feel you have been ripped off by this company (or with any company selling a product or service):

  1. Contact your Better Business Bureau
  2. Contact your state Attorney General’s Office
  3. Contact Illinois’ State Attorney General’s Office (here’s the link to file a claim):
  4. Contact an attorney
  5. Leave feedback online (Google the name of the company and things like “fraud” or “scam”)
  6. Contact your credit card company
  7. Contact your bank
  8. Contact your local Chamber of Commerce for recommendations

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