Sharing your upcoming events with the VOB community

An Important Message from Veteran Owned Business Project
How can I share my event with VOB’s community of 300,000 supporters and over 26,000 members?

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Many members, supporters, businesses and organizations approach the Veteran Owned Business Project regarding upcoming events in support of our military, veterans and military families.  Some of these events include things like: military job fairs, holiday events, fundraisers, contracting/business opportunities, casting for active duty military/veterans, concerts supporting our troops, Stand Down events, sporting events, military outreach events, fishing tournaments, special military/veteran offers and much more.

We’d like to invite you to submit details about your event for possible inclusion in our news section, newsletter and/or social network (nearly 300,000 supporters on Facebook).  Please keep in mind that in any given week we typically receive 100s of contacts regarding upcoming events.  While we’d like (and try) to post as many events as possible, there are a few things you can do to help us help you, which will ultimately increase the likelihood that we post your event, and more importantly, post it sooner than later.  In short, THE EASIER AND FASTER IT US FOR US TO SHARE SOMETHING, the more likely it is to be shared with our community, posted in our news section, and possibly referenced in one of our newsletters.

  1. Email your event to [email protected]
  2. Include a summary of your event. (example: offering active duty military veterans in Cleveland free tickets on _______ to a baseball game)
  3. Include your contact information
  4. Include details of your event.  Please be sure to try and include things like who it’s for/helping?  What is the event? When is the event?  Where is the event being held?  Why should our community stop what they are doing to read about said event?
  5. Any relevant photos (prefer them as attachments)
  6. Links/details about attending/sharing/etc. the event (“click here to RSVP for our military job fair”)
  7. Please make it as close to possible for us to copy and paste to share.  We don’t mind making edits, cropping photos, etc., however, when we receive details about an event loaded with typos, inaccurate links and more, often times said event gets put to the back of the line.
  8. Sending us event information in a press release format works very well for us!
  9. Sending us a link to the event on Facebook works well too… often times we’ll quickly share it with our social media.

American Veteran Owned Business AssociationPlease keep in mind that people are inundated with information all day long.  The events we share that do the best are the ones that give a brief description of why the event is important based on our military/veteran community, a relevant photo/logo and contact information.  You can always include a link where readers can view more details and signup.

While we have posted events immediately after receiving them, we ask that you send us details of your event as soon you can.  Even some details will change, you can always include a link (“click here for event updates”).

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