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Virtual Workshop – Are You Ready to Start Your Own Business? For Up and Coming Entrepreneurs

Virtual Workshop – Are You Ready to Start Your Own Business? For Up and Coming Entrepreneurs  If you’re considering becoming a small business owner, you’ll want to attend this seminar to learn what it takes, what challenges and pitfalls you can expect, and what proven steps you can take to greatly increase your chance of success. In this seminar, you’ll… Read more

Buying an Existing Business Step-by-Step (Online)

You want to buy a business and become a small business owner. Great!! But how do you find one to buy? How do you avoid paying too much for the business? Where can you get financing? How do you finalize the deal? If these questions are those that are on your mind, then you need to take this workshop which… Read more

Free Networking Event In NYC

* You will not be able to sign up at the venue. You have to get your free ticket here online and show it to the event host (either print it or show digital ticket on your phone) Whether you are an entrepreneur, small business owner or business professional, this event is the perfect opportunity to get away from your… Read more

The 2020 Business Symposium will be an all-day live webinar!

Experience this all-day event where you can learn how to grow your business, and how to get the results you’re looking for as a Small Business Owner.  Monday, September 14, 2020 9:30am    Opening session by SBA/SCORE and Keynote Speaker, Kelsey Carroll, Stand Up Stations http://standupstations.com/ 10:30am Session 1  11:30am   Session 2 1:30pm   Session 3 2:30pm  Session 4 (Agenda’s with the webinar links will be emailed to all the… Read more

How To Get Yes For Your Business Loans

  Every small business owner needs financial resources to support their business operations and invest in growth initiatives including purchasing equipment, innovation, hiring staff, marketing and many other areas. This class will provide helpful information as to how to successfully secure money for a business loan after the adverse impacts by the outbreak of COVID-19 to the economy. Lenders are… Read more