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Vetean Owned Business Supporters

January 2021 Veteran Owned Business Website Numbers

VeteranOwnedBusiness.com January 2021 website numbers are in: 287,701 unique visitors 7,081,842 page views 15,387 unique visitors on busiest day 9,281 average visitors per day (*would be much higher if you add in all domains associated with VOB) And as always… thank you so much for your support of businesses owned by veterans, active duty military, reservists and military spouses as… Read more

National POW/MIA Recognition Day – Friday, September 21, 2018

National POW/MIA Recognition Day In the United States, National POW/MIA Recognition Day is observed on the third Friday in September. It honors those who were prisoners of war and those who are still missing in action, as well as seeking the return of the remains of fallen soldiers. This day was established by an Act of Congress, by the passage… Read more