Doing What’s Best for Veterans

Come learn about additional coverage that Medicare can provide Veterans like expanding their network and providing a Part B giveback. About this event The Humana Sales Team will lead a presentation centered on Medicare Advantage Plans in the Veteran Community. Humana has a long history of supporting and working with Veterans. They have pioneered carrier engagement with Veterans, Veterans Events,… Read more

Healthcare After Military Retirement

Learn more about your healthcare options after retirement from the military!   Retiring soon? Not sure what to do for healthcare? As an add-on to the VA Benefits & Services brief and Financial Planning brief provided during the Transition Readiness Seminar (TRS), come learn more about healthcare options. This brief and Q&A period will discuss TRICARE, VA healthcare, the Affordable… Read more
Military Families Month

Enrolled With VA Medical Benefits? What You Should Know About The Affordable Care Act!

We here at Veteran Owned Business understand the incredible confusion related to the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare).  More specifically, we know veterans and family members are both confused and concerned about how it will affect your future VA medical benefits.  To help you better understand how your VA Medical Benefits and The Affordable Care Act will work together, we’ve put… Read more