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Until Valhalla Ruck March 2023

This is a weighted ruck competition (22kilometers) with an option to do a 5K run as an alternative. This is a charity organization to raise awareness for veteran suicide. The ruck march is a weighted competition of 22 kilometers (13.67 miles). There is also an option to run a 5k if you choose not to ruck. The event will be… Read more
Until Valhalla Ruck March 2022 - Gulfport Mississippi

Until Valhalla Ruck March 2022 – Gulfport Mississippi

2022 Ruck March and 5K to raise veteran suicide awareness   Starting at West Side Park in Gulfport, participants and competitors will ruck, run, or walk 22kilometers (13.67 miles). The 22 represents how many veterans die by suicide each day. Our organization wants to bring awareness to veteran suicide by hosting this annual event. This year we are offering a… Read more
Ruck March 2021

Ruck March 2021

About this Event The purpose of the event is to bring awareness of suicide, suicide prevention, with emphasis on our military. There will competitions during the event to include heaviest pack and ruck march completion with the fastest time. Awards will be given for the winners of the competitions. Ruck march is not a pre-requisite for participation as all walkers… Read more