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National Airborne Day 2012 – August 16th, 2012

August 16, 1940 marked the first official Army parachute jump, validating the innovative concept of inserting United States ground combat forces behind a battle line by parachute. On August 14, 2002 President George W. Bush issued the following proclamation: The history of airborne forces began after World War I, when Brigadier General William Mitchell first conceived the idea of parachuting… Read more

July 29th Marks the 237th Anniversary of the Army Chaplain Corps

History of the United States Army Chaplain Corp The Odyssey of Relocation The U.S. Army Chaplaincy provides religious support to America’s Army while assisting commanders in ensuring the right of free exercise of religion for all Soldiers. In short, we nurture the living, care for the wounded, and honor the fallen. Since July 29, 1775, approximately 25,000 Army Chaplains have… Read more