Goodwill and Bank of America Link Up to Help Veterans and Military Families with Education and Job Resources

Important Information About Jobs For Veterans

With support from Bank of America’s Charitable Foundation, Goodwill Industries International is launching a new initiative to help military veterans and their families with education and job resources.

The new program, called Vested in Veterans, will build on existing Goodwill programs such as Goodwill for America’s Heroes and Their Families and Community College/Career Collaboration (C4).  The purpose of the new effort is to create a holistic support system that helps veterans and their families in four communities secure educational opportunities, find jobs and build their careers. These communities include Atlanta, Houston, Los Angeles and San Antonio.

Today’s returning veterans face a unique array of challenges. More than a million military servicemen and women are expected to return to civilian life in the next five years facing a bleak job market which translates to high unemployment for veterans. In addition, veterans and their families are frequently relocated, making it difficult for them to build credentials and careers. These challenges are further amplified when veterans have service-related physical disabilities or post-traumatic stress disorder.

Hoping the new program will create a “roadmap for successful civilian careers,” Jim Gibbons, president and CEO of Goodwill Industries International believes the new initiative will give veterans and their family members the tools they need to advance beyond their military careers by connecting them with employers who understand the value of their military experience.

Each participant in the Vested in Veterans program will receive an individualized career and financial plan designed to support a comprehensive set of personal goals related to employment, finances, assets, leadership and service. Participants will be connected to community college courses, job search and placement services, and career development tools designed to ensure long-term financial and professional success.

Goodwill Industries of North Georgia, Goodwill Houston, Goodwill Southern California, and Goodwill of San Antonio were chosen based on their impact and their relationships with the community.

Bank of America Corp. currently serves two million active and veteran military households across the U.S. and employs nearly 6,000 reservist and veteran service members.

Goodwill Industries International is a network of 165 community-based agencies in the United States and Canada with 14 affiliates in 13 other countries.

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