Veteran Owned Business Directory Update

Hello Fellow Veteran Owned Businesses and Supporters of Veteran-Owned Businesses:

We wanted to give you a quick update on several very important additions to our directory.  We will have a more detailed update next month that will cover all the changes that we made to the directory in the first half of 2009.

Sharing Capability:
Recently we added a sharing capability to all the category pages as well as each business listing page.  This great new feature allows visitors (and businesses with a listing) an easy way to share a business listing and/or category page with your contacts (via email) as well as social media networking sites.  Look for the red “share” link on the left side of each category page or up top (right side) of each business listing page.  This feature is especially useful for business listings that don’t have a web page.  This will allow you to share your business listing with potential partners, prospects and more.

Free Badge Banner Program:
A couple of months ago we added a new badge banner page where businesses listed in can download a badge to put on their site stating that their business is owned by a veteran and is featured on  We also have a section where visitors can download a “ Supporter” badge to use on a website, in email, in print and more.  Visit our badge banner page for more information:  We appreciate the 1000s of sites that have already set up a link to using one of our image badges or text banners.  It is thanks to off all you that people around the world have come in and visited nearly 700,000 pages this year.  THANK YOU!

Spotlight Sponsor Program:
We’ve created a spotlight sponsorship program that allows business listings the opportunity to showcase a discount, ad, coupon, etc. randomly throughout over 10,000 pages.  It also give additional features including a post in the Veteran Owned Business Directory Blog, get to add a logo to their listing, a coupon, discount or ad that runs directly on your listing and much more.  For more details about this great offer solely for business listings, visit our sign up page and view the “member sponsor” column:   BTW – listings with spotlights typically get about 90% more traffic than a normal listing.

New Non Profit Section:
Over the past few months we have added a new “non profit” sectionto  This section highlights non profit organizations and businesses that offer free services to veterans, families of veterans, deployed troops, disabled veterans, homeless veterans and more including medical and legal help, assisted living assistance, help with VA benefits and more.  If you are a non profit organization, be sure to get your organization’s listing on by clicking on this link:  All non profit organizations listed receive a logo and post in the Blog at no cost of course.
That pretty much highlights the major changes to the Directory recently.  We will put out a more detailed update next month that will highlight all the major changes so far in 2009.

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Thank you for helping make a huge success!

Brian K. St.Ours, President

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