Victory For Veterans announces Veterans March On America (VMOA)

Attention Veterans: Victory For Veterans announces Veterans March On America (VMOA)

Victory for Veterans, well be hosting marches and rallies in 25 cites around the country on May 20th Armed Forces Day.
Date: May 20.2017
Time: 1 pm to 4 pm
Location: Meeting at Battery Place & West St

Victory For Veterans Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization developing a national ecosystem of partners to deliver superior services for our Veterans and improving quality of life. VFV was established October 19, 2016 in Huntington Beach, CA.

“This march is our first public, national event to raise awareness of Veteran’s issues around the country. I think the general public believes the Veterans Administration and many nonprofits are providing for our nation’s heroes, as I used to think. It just isn’t the case.” says Steve Durgin, Founder and CEO of Victory For Veterans Foundation, Inc.

For more information Please contact:
Board of Director: Dona Iversen
email: [email protected]
Cell #: 718.986.8760
Founder/CEO/Social Media Person: Steve Durgin
 Victory for Veterans/Veterans March on America
VFV Web:
FaceBook: @VFVets (
Twitter: @VictoryVets (
LinkedIn: Victory For Veterans (
Cell#: 925. 464.9107
[email protected]

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