Business and Professional Women’s Foundation (BPW) Launches Campaign for Veteran Women

Recognizing that many women returning from active duty find themselves unemployed or underemployed, the Business and Professional Women’s Foundation has launched a new campaign to help women veterans successfully translate their military experience into the business and professional civilian workforce.

The new initiative is designed to help women veterans translate their talents by linking them to scholarships and professional development opportunities that can open doors to a rewarding career, Deborah Frett, CEO of the BPW Foundation stated in a recent press release.

Joining Forces for Women Veterans is the new, national campaign from the BPW Foundation.   The campaign will support women veterans in their transition from military to civilian life.  The campaign encompasses a broad effort to share knowledge from many sources and is designed to benefit a wide spectrum of women veterans, including homeless veterans.  Health organizations are involved as well, making the BPW’s campaign holistic and comprehensive in its approach.

Organizers say the campaign goal is to build a coalition of various types of organizations involving both the public and private sectors, to help solve problems and to provide support for any transitioning veteran.  Besides career development workshops and other tools, $46K in scholarships will be offered to women veterans to receive the specialized training or certification they need to obtain meaningful civilian jobs.  The Foundation also reports that it will connect women veterans with resources, mentors and support systems through a web-based Career Center and a resource center, Facebook and Twitter.

Women veterans interested in information about these scholarships, or employers interested in getting involved with the campaign should send an email to [email protected].

Business and Professional Women’s (BPW) Foundation is a 501(c) (3) research and education organization that is transforming the workplace for women and employers. Through groundbreaking research and as a convener of employers and employees, BPW Foundation leads the way in developing and advocating for polices and programs that “work” for both women and businesses.

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