Yahoo! Finance Is Searching For Successful Veteran Owned Businesses (and Non-Profits)

Successful Veteran Owned BusinessesYahoo! Finance’s video and editorial teams are looking for successful veterans who have started their own businesses or non-profits, risen the ranks in Corporate America, or otherwise distinguished themselves in other ways in civilian life.

The goal of this series is to find successful Veteran Business Owners (and non-profit organizations) in various industries who can talk about the Trials and tribulations of growing a business/non-profit in today’s economy as well as well as give business and personal finance advice.

If you would like to nominate a business owner (or yourself), please email the following information to VOB for consideration:

Owner’s/Founder’s Name:

Business/Non-Profit Name:

Military Branch (if applicable):

Email Address:

Phone Number:

Details: (i.e: business size, start date, why your business stands out, etc.)

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