DAV’s "Just B Kids" Scholarship Program

Do you have a special kid in your life who would like to attend Camp Corral for free?

DAV's "Just B Kids" Scholarship Program
DAV is once again joining with Camp Corral to provide a unique and fun camp experience to help our kids. This summer, more than 3,200 children of fallen and injured veterans will be attending a free week of Camp Corral throughout the nation. Last year, more than 300 of the camp participants were sponsored through DAV’s “Just B Kids” scholarship program.

Children between the ages of 8 and 15 are invited to come experience Camp Corral and enjoy a week of nonstop fun and excitement.

Camp Corral 2016 Schedule  (subject to change)
Date                                  Location                                           City                                  State

June 5-10 YMCA Camp Cormorant        Lake Park             MN
June 5-11 YMCA Camp Flaming Arrow         Hunt             TX
June 5-11 YMCA Camp Greenville         Cleveland              SC
June 12-17 YMCA Camp Shady Brook           Deckers              CO
June 12-18 YMCA Camp Manitou Lin         Middleville              MI
June 19-24 Camp Joy          Clarksville              OH
June 26-July 1 YMCA Camp Hanes            King              NC
June 26-July 1 YMCA Camp Gorham       Eagle Bay              NY
July 3-8 Triangle Y Ranch Camp          Oracle              AZ
July 3-8 YMCA Camp Carson        Princeton              IN
July 3-8 YMCA Camp Wood         Elmdale              KS
July 3-8 Eastern NC 4-H Center       Columbia              NC
July 3-8 YMCA Camp Classen          Davis             OK
July 10-15 YMCA Camp Loma Mar       Loma Mar             CA
July 17-22 4-H Memorial Camp        Monticello              IL
July 31-August 5 4-H Camp Timpoochee        Niceville             FL
August 7-12 YMCA Camp Seymour       Gig Harbor             WA
August 7-12 Northern Virginia 4-H Center      Front Royal              VA
August 7-12 YMCA Camp Weaver       Greensboro             NC
August 7-13 YMCA Camp Ernst         Burlington             KY
August 14-20 YMCA Camp Fitch     North Springfield             PA

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