Today’s VOB FAQ: "Can I link my profile to my company’s Facebook page instead of our website?"

Today's FAQ: "Can I link my profile to my company's Facebook page instead of our website?" Answer: Only in very rare instances will we allow profiles to link to a social media account or other site that isn’t your business’ website. In a few select cases we will allow #nonprofit members who don’t have a website to link to their Facebook page.

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If you have a website (no matter how old or bad) it would ABSOLUTELY be in your business’ best interest to add your URL to our “website link” field when signing up (or through if you already have a profile). has had millions of visitors over the years who have viewed upwards of 120,000,000 pages. There’s also 10s of 1,000s of sites/pages that link to VOB including some of the most visited sites on the web. Traffic from our site to your website will help with many things including potential traffic, #SEO and other things. We probably have 20,000+ members who have a link from VOB to their website.

A link to your website is part of your profile like your business name, operating hours and much more. Be sure to take advantage of having it on your profile. It costs nothing but 2 seconds of your time… it also helps expedite your profile approval as it allows us to go to your website as part of our approval process to make sure the business meets our criteria.

And PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE double check that you’ve put in the correct URL. We recommend you go to your website and copy and paste the URL. This way if your site is using an SSL certificate, uses http:// vs. https://www. and other things, you’ll have the most accurate link!

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