Today’s VOB FAQ: "How can I list more than one military branch?"

Today's FAQ: "Can I link my profile to my company's Facebook page instead of our website?"

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However, if you (or the owner) served in more than one branch and/or your business has multiple owners who served in different branches, we suggest you add it to the “description area” and “military service quote area” of your profile.

Description Example:
“My company sells this product and that product. We have 2 other owners who both served/serve: Sandy (Retired Coast Guard) and John (Air Force Reserves – current).”

Military Service Quote Example:
“After spending 2 years in the Marine Corps during Vietnam, I used the GI Bill to get a degree in engineering, attended OCS School and retired after 20 years as a Navy officer.”

Please note: the “military branch business ownership” advanced search portion of our system only searches the main military branch used in the profile.  To include your additional branches and/or the other branches of additional owners, we suggest adding each branch to our keyword area (in addition to the description area as mentioned above).  This will help when a user/visitor searches for a specific keyword along with a military branch.

If you are a veteran, active duty military, reservist or military spouse and own (or are part owner) a business, you are invited to add your business to the Veteran Owned Business Directory and join over 30,000 members, 300,000 supporters and have your business searchable by 1,000s of weekly visitors!

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