Veteran Owned Business Directory 2009 First Half Site Statistics Shows Phenomenal Site Traffic And Incredible Traffic

Quick update of preliminary website statistics:

  • site visitors in the first half of 2009 view a record 800,000 pages. Full site stats to be released in the future.
  • First half of 2009 brought in over 100,000 visitors.
  • Average time spent on site exceeds 5 minutes per visitor.
  • 1,160 veteran owned businesses added in the first half of 2009. Brings total listings to 1,694 (as of July 1, 2009).
  • Over 50 non profit organizations who help veterans, active duty military and families of veterans and active duty military added to the Veteran Owned Business Directory.

This was just a quick update.  We should have a more detailed statistics update in the next few days.

Thank You,
Project Services Department

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