Welcomes Central Florida’s AVET Project Inc. is proud to welcome AVET Project Inc. of Patrick Air Force Base, Florida (Brevard County FL) to the Veteran Owned Business Directory Non Profit Section.

AVET Project, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization serving the needs of active-duty military and veterans of the United States of America. AVET Project has an ambitious goal to furnish, free of charge, every military member (approx 1.5 million) with a Empowerment Equipment Bag (EEB), which is a collection of personal care items and empowerment information. Donations are needed and appreciated so we can continue to expand this important mission.
AVET Project Inc.
Additionally, AVET Project is seeking donations to support our “Project Rest and Recuperation”, which affords returning service members and their spouses an opportunity to readjust and reconnect with their loved ones after leaving combat 24/7 for months,… even years. AVET Project believes our heroes deserve a safe, relaxing place on the East & West coasts to decompress, sleep well and recuperate… all for FREE.

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