GI Bill Survey

GI Bill Survey

GI BillWe did a quick random survey asking those who served in the United States military if they used the GI Bill (any version for any amount of time) after they separated from the military.  This is clearly a very small sample of those who served.  If it even remotely represents the correct percentage of those who served and went on to college after their military service… then it’s a very strong indication that military service leads to higher education.

Of the 2,811 people reached, we received 239 votes (8.5% of those reached).  As you can see from the survey results above, of the 239 respondents, 74% (177) stated that they did indeed use the GI Bill in some form or fashion after separating from the military.  26% (62) of those surveyed stated that they have not used the GI Bill since separating.

*We did not ask things like:

  • When did you serve?
  • What branch did you serve in?
  • Male/Female?
  • Race/religion/etc.?
  • Which GI Bill did you use (Montgomery, Post 9/11, etc.)?
  • How much did (if anything) you pay into for your GI Bill?
  • Was it your GI Bill?
  • In what fashion did you use the GI Bill (College, OJT, etc.)? – nor did we ask if they finished said program
  • Were you eligible for the GI Bill?
  • We also did not require proof of military service

Please feel free to call (877) 862-5478 or email [email protected] with any question.

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