Union Station of Kansas City Hosts “Veterans’ Art and Poetry” Event – 11/13/2011

Attention Veteran Owned Business Members and Visitors:
On Sunday, November 13th at 5:00pm, Union Station of Kansas City and Veteran Directed Community Services (VDCS) will host the Inaugural Veterans Art and Poetry Gala – an event to encourage veterans to “show their stuff” in an “art-show” style setting. VDCS is a local non-profit organization planning and executing this event, which is a culmination of their developing Art program. This one-of-a-kind function will highlight and feature many forms of veterans’ artistic expression.

“Hosting events like this allows us to show veterans our appreciation for their service to our country,” commented the organization’s founder, Moses Artis. “This event will provide a platform to allow veteran-artists the opportunity to showcase their remarkable talents. Having Union Station join us in facilitating this gala really emphasizes our shared commitment to helping veterans in our community.”

This function is also geared towards bringing public awareness to the therapeutic benefits of art. This is NOT a “formal” event, as the dress for the evening will be business casual. There will be free give-aways and door prizes, and all donations will be accepted to fund continued homeless outreach efforts in the community and to develop their art program.

Display space is FREE for veterans and their dependents. Other local artists and poets may also participate for a $25 donation. To register visithttp://www.vdcs.org/programs/art or call (816) 358-1000. Tickets for general admission are $10 each (free for veterans), and tickets for priority seating (which includes a full-course dinner) are $40 each. To purchase tickets, please call us at (816) 358-1000 or visit http://www.vdcs.org/donation.

Veteran Directed Community Services (VDCS) is a not-for-profit, federal designated “501(c)(3)” organization. All contributions are tax deductible for individuals and businesses.  If you would like more information on becoming a volunteer or community partner, please call us or visit: http://www.vdcs.org/contact-us to send an e-mail.

“The mission of VDCS is to enrich the lives of all service members of the U.S. military, our veterans, and all their families, by using a comprehensive “solutions-focused” approach in addressing their vast array of ever-changing social needs; be it homeless outreach, facilitating housing, employment assistance, meeting educational goals, or improving overall mental and physical well-being.”

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