1st Quarter 2009 Web Statistics – A Record Breaking Quarter

We have finely found the time to go through the pages and pages of statistics in order to determine several key website visitor numbers for the 1st quarter of 2009.

In short, the combined website visitor numbers for VeteranOwnedBusiness.com far surpassed our 1st quarter forecasted website traffic.  In a little under 150 days since going live (Veteran’s Day 2008), we had over a quarter of a million pages viewed!  Here are the numbers:

27,872 = Site visitors for 1st quarter of 2009 (75% higher than forecasted)
286,342 = Page views for 1st quarter of 2009 (15% higher than forecasted)
10.3 = Average number of pages viewed per visitor (200% higher than forecasted)
3,330 = External sites with links to VeteranOwnedBusiness.com
10,633 = Different search terms used to find VeteranOwnedBusiness.com

April’s numbers have already surpassed numbers for March (which was our best month).  With several press releases planned, a direct mail and telemarketing campaign planned and several other promotional programs planned, we expect the 2nd quarter of 2009 to continue to grow and exceed all 1st quarter traffic numbers.


Project Services Department
Directory of Veteran Owned Companies

For an apples to apples comparison of other sites that broadcast their website statistics: VeteranOwnedBusiness.com had 647,377 web hits during the first quarter of 2009.  For our stats packages, we look at actual visitors.  Web hits traditionally register server hits not visitors and often times can includes numerous hits for links, images and more from just one visitor on one page.

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