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Online Workshop: Create Your Business Plan

LIVE EVENT (ONLINE) About the event This workshop will help you to construct a plan for your business. Your Business Plan helps you crystallize your thinking about your product/service offerings, who is your target market, what makes you stand out from your competition, and how you will make money. In this session we will share with you some great resources for constructing… Read more

Online Workshop: Facebook Marketing

LIVE EVENT (ONLINE) About the event Are you looking to expand your business and make it more competitive? With Facebook marketing, you can get the edge over your competition. In this free workshop, you will learn how to utilize social media marketing strategies to grow your business. You will gain insight into effective strategies that work on the world’s largest… Read more

Online Workshop: Business Finance: Beyond the Basics

LIVE EVENT (ONLINE) About the event In this workshop, we explore the difference between profit and cash flow, breakeven analysis, forecasting, and other topics to help you plan for the success of your business. We suggest you take the SCORE Basic Finance workshop, or have some finance experience or training, before taking this workshop. REGISTER NOW … Read more