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VetTitan Veteran Entrepreneurship Seminar

Research indicates that Veterans have a difficult time transitioning back into the civilian workforce after coming back from deployment. Many organizations offer veterans a way to find a job in corporate America, but many veterans would rather on and operate their own business. VetTitans is looking to fill the void and help veterans in a new way that isn’t covered… Read more

No-Cost Small Business Training for Veterans and Veterans’ Family Members – Webinar

If you are a Veteran or a family member of a Veteran, then please join us for an informative webinar to help you start your own business or grow one that you already own. This no-cost training will include; recognizing good ideas for a business, deciding if your business idea will work, the steps to take to get started, and… Read more

Veterans on the Move Workshops

Heidi Duckler Dance (HDD) in collaboration with Women Vets on Point hosts a series of online movement workshops for veterans and their families. These workshops will take place twice a week starting August 24th and focus on utilizing the restorative capacity of movement-based artistic expression to provide healing, tell stories, encourage collaboration, and build empathy. These workshops will culminate in… Read more

Walmart Teams Up with Red Cross to Offer Reconnection Workshops for Transitioning Veterans

Walmart Foundation has contributed $500,000 to the Red Cross to develop a series of workshops that will help veterans transition back to civilian life. The joy of homecoming is followed by a transition period as the entire family re-adjusts to being together. Family dynamics often change during the service member’s absence.  Both the service member and his/her family may have… Read more