Attn SDVOSBs: March/April 2012 Issue of VetLikeMe Newsletter is now available for viewing

Attention Service Disabled Veteran Owned Businesses:

The March-April 2012 VetLikeMe SDVOSB Newsletter (Volume 3, No. 2) is now available for viewing. 

In this issue: Drinking from a Fire Hydrant (Hardy Stone Column)

Wow. Balancing all the powerful wind gusts since our last issue has knocked me into a cold, muddy ravine.  The SDVOSB community feels the tremors. The past six weeks have been especially treacherous for SDVOSB trying to navigate the political and social influences that will affect our livelihoods. If you ain’t got a front row seat and you don’t know what is going on, get clued because this is a critically important stretch of time for us.  Run them down… Aldevra, Aldevra redux, Aldevra Trifecta, KingdomWare, the CA SDVOSB Network and the Court of Federal Claims, the FedBid VA cancellation, the FedBid VA Reinstatement, HR 4048, the VA Interim Final Rule (the most devious of all).  Now is the time we need someone with balls who will stand in the face of the VA traitors and fight for veterans.  The Interim Rule denies PL 109-461 (“Veterans First”).  The VA boasts that the agency has met its SDVOSB contracting goals and can therefore ignore Veterans First.  As a result of their magnanimous adherence to these goals, the VA is no longer bound by the law?  This is bullshit.  Drinking from a fire hydrant – it’s baffling and painful. Are the holders of the spigot trying to put out the fire? Or bloody our faces and move us out of the way?… click here to view entire issue.
VetLikeMe (VLM) is a publication focused entirely on service-disabled veteran owned business.  We feature National news that affects our community, interviews with federal government officials and agencies, legislative activities at the State level and editorial opinion.

Launched in October 2009, VLM is published by BluePoint Productions, a non-profit business certified and verified by the  Veterans Administration as a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business.

Hardy R. Stone, the sole proprietor of BluePoint Productions, is a 100% service-connected disabled veteran (SDVOSB).
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