Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day 2014

Attention Veteran Owned Business Members and Visitors:
Welcome-Home-Vietnam-VeteransThis coming March 29th, the nation will observe “Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day”.  Please join Veteran Owned Business, our members, families and friends as we pay tribute to the valiant service of Vietnam War and Vietnam-Era Veterans.

All around our great nation there will be celebrations and opportunities to thank the veterans of the Vietnam War and also provide them with the welcoming that many did not receive at the completion of their noble service to our country. It is important and fitting that our nation recognizes the brave service men and women who made profound sacrifices in the Vietnam War including the more than 58,000 Americans who lost their lives and the more than 300,000 who were wounded during the Vietnam War.

While we’d love to list all the activities taking place on “Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day”, we unfortunately do not have the time it would take to list everything out.  Please take a moment and contact your local VFWAmerican LegionDAV, Veterans Services Offices and/or other military organization for a list of events in your area.  You can also search Google and other search engines for events in your area.

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