Veteran Owned Business Directory’s April stats smashes record

April’s website stats for are now completed.  We are very happy to announce that once again our latest record was smashed by what continues to be a dramatic rise in monthly visitors and page views.

Here are April’s numbers (rounded):
13,500 = Site visitors for April 2009
188,500 = Page views for April 2009
1,600 = Different external sites that brought in traffic in April 2009 (does not include search engines)
4,500 = Different search terms used to find

April’s numbers were dramatically higher than the numbers for March (which was our best month to date).  What continues to surprise all involved is the number of page views.  Unlike many sites, visitors seem to spend several minutes on the site and tend to view several pages before leaving (average of 13).

These numbers are great since the main objective of is to help businesses owned by military veterans grow.  We know this is working because we have received numerous emails from businesses listed letting us know they’ve been contacted by prospects ranging from home owners looking for a local service provider to purchasing agents from the federal, state and/or local government agencies.

Lastly, we’d like to thank the thousands of websites out there who have taken the time to link their websites to  It’s partially because of these organizations, people and businesses that our daily visitor numbers continue to rise.

If you would like to show your support for Veteran Owned Businesses and/or you own or work for a veteran owned business and would like to let the world know, please visit our “free banner” page to download one of several banners you can put on your website, embed in emails, etc.:  Be sure to let us know if you added a link to receive special recognition.


Project Services Department
Directory of Veteran Owned Companies

For an apples to apples comparison of other sites that broadcast their website statistics: had 413,890 web hits for the month of April 2009.  For our stats packages, we look at actual visitors.  Web hits traditionally register server hits not visitors and often times can include numerous hits for links, images and more from just one visitor on one page.

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