Beard and Mustache Products Category Added

Beards and Mustaches

Click your favorite facial hair image above to see our newest category for Beard and Mustache Product Stores!

In the Veteran Owned Business Directory we have over 2,000 categories and sub-categories representing just about every type of service and product imaginable.  We are constantly adding new sub-categories that we feel aren’t currently represented or warrant its own sub-category.

We also like to share new sub-categories with our members and supporters we think embody the diversification of businesses around the United States that are uniquely owned by veterans/service disabled veterans, active duty military, reservists and veteran/military spouses.

We’ve recently added a new category for Beard and Mustache Product Stores owned by past military and present military members that specialize in selling combs, oils, razors, shaving kits and more for those with facial hair including beards, mustaches, goatees, mutton chops, extended goatee, chin strips, chinstraps, soul patches, chin curtain, Amish beards, friendly mutton chops, Bretts, circle beards, sea captains, Juncos, Megs, Hollywoodians, reeds, royales, verdis, Oakley beards, stashburns, hulihees, monkey tails, neck beards, Van Dykes, Shenandoahs and more.
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