Introducing VOB’s New "Serviceable Areas" Feature

Introducing VOB's New "Serviceable Areas" Feature

Click above to see the areas where you will find VOB’s new “Serviceable Areas” feature.

Veteran Owned Business has recently added a new business profile feature that will now allow members with a business listing to add customized geographic areas based on where each business provides products and/or services.  This added feature will allow site users/visitors to search for and potentially find businesses in additional areas outside of where their business is physically located….scroll down below to find out how you can add/edit this new feature to your profile!

Introducing VOB's New "Serviceable Areas" Feature

Click the image above to see where you can add “Serviceable Areas” when editing your current business listing.

*Edit your current profile:
For members who have active business profiles and would like to add/edit service areas you will need to access myVOB (where you can edit several additional areas as well).  Look for “Areas Serviced”.  Enter each geographic area you service individually (clicking the “Add New Area” button each time.  Then hit the “Update” button to submit this change.  *Please note: each and every edit submission will be reviewed prior to being made live.  You should receive an email from our system once your edits are approved and activated.

Introducing VOB's New "Serviceable Areas" Feature

Click the image above to see where you can add “Serviceable Areas” when signing up for a new/additional business listing.

*Submitting a new profile:
Are you are a current member adding a new location/business or a new member looking to add your business’ profile to our growing network of over 300,000 supporters and 27,000 members? Simply look for the “Listing” tab (3rd tab) when signing up.  You’ll see a button to “add new area” below the “keywords” area.  *Please note: we verify and approve each and every profile submission.  Once approved and activated, you should receive a “welcome aboard” email from our system that will include instructions on how to edit your profile for the future.

What can be added for Areas Serviced?
Here’s a sampling of some of the geographic areas/descriptions members have already added.  You can list Areas (i.e. Space Coast Florida), Cities (New York City), Counties (Maricopa County), Zip Codes (21212) and Miscellaneous Areas (Nationwide, All of Southern California, Chicago, IL, Continental United States).  Please be sure to add each geographic location/description in separately!

In case you missed it:
We’ve also recently added several new features including: Business Slogan or Tagline; DBA (Doing Business As); Phone Extension; Hours of Operation; Alternate Hours (i.e. emergency services available 24/7) and more.  Click here to view more details about these additional features.

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