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We proudly welcome Disabled Veterans SCUBA Project

Veteran Owned Business is proud to welcome Disabled Veterans SCUBA Project of Los Alamitos, California (Los Angeles County CA) to the Veteran Owned Business Directory Nonprofit Section. Disabled Veterans SCUBA Project is a 501(c)(3) non-profit of unpaid volunteers that provides Basic Open Water SCUBA Certification for veterans with a disability including (but not limited to) TBI, PTSD/PTSI, Paralysis (paraplegic, quadriplegic) amputee (1… Read more

Joseph & Sarah Caring for Vets Grand Opening – Helping Homeless Veterans in the Metro Atlanta Area

Joseph & Sarah Caring for Vets Grand Opening!!!!!!!! Mark your calendars and set your clocks for JSCVs Grand Opening. We are extremely excited to open our doors and provide a much needed service to homeless veterans in the Metro Atlanta area. WHERE:   191 Sunset Ave. N.W., Atlanta GA WHEN:     Saturday 30 June 2012 @ 2pm “light refreshments will be… Read more