We proudly welcome Disabled Veterans SCUBA Project

Veteran Owned Business is proud to welcome Disabled Veterans SCUBA Project of Los Alamitos, California (Los Angeles County CA) to the Veteran Owned Business Directory Nonprofit Section.

Disabled Veterans SCUBA Project is a 501(c)(3) non-profit of unpaid volunteers that provides Basic Open Water SCUBA Certification for veterans with a disability including (but not limited to) TBI, PTSD/PTSI, Paralysis (paraplegic, quadriplegic) amputee (1 to 4 limbs) or blind.

Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) Melvin Pasley founded the Disabled Veterans SCUBA Project in February 2009 with the encouragement and support of fellow Challenges Foundation volunteers and fellow divers in the local SCUBA community.

SCUBA can provide a beautiful respite from the above water world. Certification allows you to go SCUBA diving around the world.
Contact Disabled Veterans SCUBA Project today in Los Alamitos at: (562) 421-3094.

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