VA Changes Eligibility Requirements Removing "Net Worth" as a Factor

Department of Veterans Administration Seal

The Department of Veteran Affairs is making changes to the way it determines eligibility for VA Health Care, a change that will result in more Veterans being able to access Health-Care Benefits they earned and deserve. This change was announced in a VA press release issues on March 17th.

The VA is eliminating the use of net worth as a determining factor for both co-payment responsibilities and as an eligibility requirement for access to health care programs. Going forward, over a five-year period, it is estimated that 190,000 veterans will become eligible for reduced costs of their health-care services. This change bring the VA’s policies in line with Secretary McDonald’s “MyVA” initiative.

Veterans may submit updated income information at, or by visiting a VA health-care facility. For more information, visit or call VA toll-free at (877) 222-VETS (8387).

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