VA Offers This Veteran Resource To Help Reduce Stress

Want Less Stress? Check Out This Veteran Resource

Hans Petersen, VA Staff Writer

The courses are designed specifically for Veterans.

By Hans Petersen, VA Staff Writer

Monday, December 22, 2014

The demands of the holiday season can sometimes bring unwelcome guests — stress, anxiety and depression. People can experience stress for many different reasons and in a variety of ways. The pressures and demands of family and friends, financial issues, or unrealistic expectations can make you feel overwhelmed.

Veterans often deal with holiday stress on top of other challenges, such as transitioning into civilian and family life or being separated from loved ones.

In order to help Veterans deal with challenges associated with times of stress and transition, VA developed the Veteran Training Resource Center. It contains a variety of online resources that can help you navigate the holiday season. The courses are designed specifically for Veterans and include tips and examples from Veterans who have experienced the same challenges.

The Veteran Training Resource Center consists of:

  • Moving Forward: Overcoming Life’s Challenges: Teaches problem-solving skills to help you face obstacles without feeling overwhelmed or “stuck.” It can be used to solve any stressful problem including relationship problems, financial difficulties, or transitioning to civilian life.
  • Parenting for Servicemembers and Veterans: Addresses both everyday parenting challenges as well as those exclusive to military and Veteran families. It teaches ways to reconnect with your family, manage stress, and strengthen your relationship with your children.

These easy-to-use, award-winning courses can be found at and are valuable throughout the year, but can be especially beneficial during the holidays, when stress can run rampant.

Each course is free, confidential, and does not require any personal information.

Apps for Courses are Available

Each course is free, confidential, and does not require you to input any personal information. You can take these courses at your leisure and in complete confidence. In fact, companion mobile apps for Moving Forward and Parenting are available for download on iTunes, allowing convenient access at any time.

The courses consist of several modules complete with interactive exercises, videos and real-life Veteran experiences. While these tools are not intended to replace professional care, they have advice and exercises that can help Veterans as they work through transitions and stressful life situations.

Stress can be managed with some time and effort. If you are experiencing sadness or stress during the holidays, we urge you to consider looking at the Veteran Training Resource Center, and hope you have a happy, healthy and enjoyable holiday season.

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